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Competitive Intelligence

What is Competitive Intelligence in relation to web sites and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Competitive Intelligence when related to the web involves two distinct components:

  1. What is your online reputation?
  2. What is your competitor doing?

What is my Online or digital Reputation?

Your online reputation is just what it sounds like. Your business reputation is important to your success and branding. Just as you have a reputation in your community, social circles and with your customers - you also have an online reputation. Do you know if it is good or bad?

To begin with - what are people saying about you, your company, and your executives? We have worked with many customers that did not even know they have negative reviews or public documents online showing law suits or public complaints or any document available to the public including filings.

When someone searches on Google for your company name hopefully they find your web site at the top of the results. But what else do they find? Are there other links to less savory items? Is someone delibrately trying to sabotage your reputation using supposed online anonymity?

Sadly, we have seen cases where competitors have intentionally changed addresses of sites that did not belong to them in online directories. We have also seen false reviews that basically amount to libel and can actually be prosecuted. We have seen companies that list their executives not knowing that there are public documents relating to unsavory charges against one of them.

So what does your online reputation say about you, your company, and your employees? Do you know?

In many cases some of the items can be fixed, removed, or suppressed. In some cases the information can not be removed, but strategies can be employed to counter negative information.


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