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SEO - Web Site Optimization

What is site optimization and how can it effect my search engine rankings?

There are also hundreds of other items Google and other search engines pay attention to. Here are some:

  • Page Titles
  • Image Names
  • Folder Directory Structures
  • Anchors and links
  • File names
  • Etc.

It is important that your site optimization is done by a professional that understands all of these important techniques and knows how to employ them in a manner so that your site is easily indexed by Google and that your rankings are high for your targeted keywords.

I am looking at creating a new site and want it to be published fully optmized - how do I do that?

In many cases there are companies that offer site optimization. It is important that this is not confused with on-going monthly optimization or optimization that doesn't actually change any code on your site.

Most of the time companies have sites built and then have to pay another company which specializes in SEO to basically rebuild the site utilizing SEO techniques. This is like getting work done twice and is not cost effective.

At eKrum, our designers work at design time with SEO specialists to output a clean and optimized site without having to go to two separate companies or having to rebuild anything.

I already have a site and it does not perform well - do I need optimization?

Chances are you probably need optimization on your site and some monthly SEO to get your site into the rankings. Contact our sales department for a free evaluation of your site. We can provide a quote with an estimate for optimization of your site.

If your site is old and could use a facelift, chances are it may be cheaper to have a new site built with SEO from the beginning. That way you achieve optimization and a new look that you may have been desiring.


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