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Google, Relevancy, and SEO

Why all the talk about Google? What about the other search engines?

First of all, most talk is centered around Google because they represent a majority of all searches and search traffic. Their share of the market is constantly increasing. Though at some point in the future there may be

another strong challenger, at this time Google is the dominating search engine.

Also, many of the other smaller search engines actually purchase their results from Google - so even though you are on a different search site, you are still using Google results. If you add these smaller engines in to the share that Google currently enjoys - you will quickly see why most of your energies should be focused on Google.

Would you spend 50% of your online marketing budget with a search engine that only has 10% of the search market? If one highway sign gets 10,000 impressions daily and another gets only 1,000 - would you pay the same amount for advertising on it. Of course not. That is why we are here - to help you make the most of your online advertising dollars.

I have created my site - but it doesn't appear in the results of any of the search engines yet?

Most search engines work in the same manner on adding new sites to their results. Most site have a submission page or you can use a submission tool. Many companies offer this for a charge but it can be done for free. Please note: this does not get your site onto the listings - it only requests that the engine considers listing your site.

With or without a submission, your site will at some point be found by the engines "robots" or "crawlers". These automated tools read through the code of your site and try to determine what category it belongs in and what keywords it will list your site under.

At this point, site coding is key - if your html code has errors or problems - the robots can not properly read your page and will give up. If your keywords are not presented properly - it may not understand what your site is about. It is possible it may not even decide to add your site.

If the robots successfully crawl your page and find good keywords, your site will be added to the results - or indexed. In most cases you are indexed near the bottom of the results list and will not be listed on the first page of results. Most likely you will appear dozens if not hundreds of pages into the search results. In other words, your result is buried and will most likely never be clicked.

Robots can potentially take months to crawl a site. Google can take up to four months at the time of this writing and Yahoo is currently taking up to nine months. There are other ways to get your site submitted and crawled quickly however.


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